The Curricula Organizer for Reproductive Health Education (CORE) is an open access tool for building scientific presentations on the full spectrum of reproductive health topics from a collection of peer-reviewed, evidence-based materials.

Use CORE to:
  • Access up-to-date materials on reproductive health topics
  • Build your own curricula and other educational presentations
  • Download activities, case studies, and handouts for learners
  • Enhance your knowledge about current issues in reproductive health care

CORE is a collaborative effort of many organizations working to improve the quality and quantity of reproductive health information included in health professions education. CORE is managed by the Association of Reproductive Health Professionals (ARHP). ARHP has been educating health care providers, informing consumers, and shaping public policy since 1963.


"Thank you for this incredible contribution to the field! CORE is a great way to support potential presenters and teachers in their work."
- Emily Godfrey, MD, MPH

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