Profile FAQs

How do I create an account in CORE?
How will I be identified in CORE?
Is my e-mail address shared with others?

Log In FAQs

How can I retrieve my username and/or password to log in?
I want to change my username and/or password. How do I do it?
My e-mail has changed and now I can't log in. What should I do?

CORE Materials FAQs

Which reproductive health topics are included in CORE and will new categories be created?
How will I know when new materials are added to CORE?
Can I submit materials to be included in CORE?
How should I cite materials from CORE?
What do I do if a link to materials does not work?
Does CORE have materials in languages other than English?
How do I rate and/or review materials in CORE?

Saving and Downloading Materials FAQs

How do I add materials to My Tray?
What functions are available in My Tray?
How do I download materials?

Contributor FAQs 

Who should I contact about contributing to CORE?
How do I become a peer reviewer?

E-mail Alerts FAQs

How do I sign up for e-mail alerts?
How often does CORE send e-mail to members?